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  • [wpdev] Storage bug in MediaLibrary.SavePicture

    I’ve received many reports lately of users complaining of abnormal storage usage from one of my apps, Imageboard Browser.The application was in some cases storing hundreds of megabytes! I thought at first that it was just the ''other storage” issue, but I did some further investigation just in case. After some trial and error and a bit of ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le mai 26, 2013
  • [wpdev] Memory leak with BitmapImage

    There’s a memory leak that has been bothering me for a while in my Imageboard Browser app. The scenario is simple: a slideshow feature, where a new picture is loaded from an url every few seconds. After a while, the app crashes with an OutOfMemory exception. I’ve never been able to find the source of the leak, so I settled for a dirty ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le février 17, 2013
  • [WP7] Dynamically toggle PanoramaItem visibility

    A strange issue with the Panorama control, that has been brought to my attention by @lancewmccarthy, and which has also been encountered by some people on StackOverflow. The original scenario was a bit too complex for a blog post, but we can reproduce it in a much simpler way. Create a new page, and add a panorama control called ‘Panorama’. ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le juillet 1, 2012
  • [WP7] IsolatedStorageException when opening a file played by a MediaElement

    Today we’ll dig a little into Windows Phone’s base class library, thanks to a question I found on stack overflow. The problem occurs with this simple code, used to load a music file from the isolated storage, and play it with a MediaElement: 1: using (var isf = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()) 2: { ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le mai 6, 2012
  • [WP7] Cryptic error message in XAML

    Unexpected NONE in parse rule ElementBody ::= ATTRIBUTE* ( PropertyElement | Content )* . ENDTAG.. Best. Error message. Ever. Thanks Silverlight. So, what’s going on? For the sake of all the devs who’ll come to this page using Google, let’s describe one of the causes of the error message. 1: ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le janvier 9, 2012
  • [WP7] How to press the mouse on a control, and detect MouseLeftButtonUp on another

    Another issue I found on StackOverflow, which is way more tricky that it seems. Let’s say we have a Silverlight WP7 application, and we want to add a drag&drop scenario. The user first taps an element, drags his finger to another, and raises his finger on another element. Easy enough! Just handle the MouseLeftButtonDown on each element, ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le janvier 8, 2012
  • [WP7] ApplicationBar flickering when the phone theme is white

    It’s an interesting issue I found on StackOverflow. Interesting because I often forget to test my applications using the Windows Phone’s white theme, so this kind of problem usually goes unnoticed until a user reports it. Create a simple WP7 application with a black background and an ApplicationBar. Add a button to toggle the bar’s ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le janvier 5, 2012
  • [WP7] ScheduledActionService.Replace: Bug or documentation error?

    Let’s consider this simple code: 1: var beginDate = new DateTime(2011, 12, 01); 2: var endDate = new DateTime(2011, 12, 02); 3:  4: var reminder = new Reminder(''Test''); 5: reminder.BeginTime = beginDate; 6: reminder.ExpirationTime = endDate; 7:  ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le octobre 22, 2011
  • [WPDev] Trucs et astuces sur la mise à jour Tiles dans Windows Phone Mango

    This article is also available in english. Dans les dernières applications Windows Phone publiées sur lesquelles j'ai travaillé, comme Foursquare, Flickr ou TuneIn (et d'autres sont à venir), toutes ont des Live Tiles, à la fois en mode Pull et générées localement. Mais il y a quelques petites choses à savoir pour les utiliser efficacement, ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le octobre 1, 2011
  • [WP7] Utiliser le flash comme lampe torche

    Windows Phone 7 ne proposait jusque-là pas d’API permettant de contrôler l’allumage du flash, aussi toutes les applications de prétendues lampe torche se contentaient d’afficher une image blanche sur l’écran. Mango offre un plus grand contrôle sur la camera, mais toujours pas de moyen direct de piloter le flash. Cependant, une solution de ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le septembre 19, 2011
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