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Hi all,                                                                                                                                                   french version

With the creation of four new newsgroups dedicated to Sharepoint technologies on Microsoft news server (NNTP Server "" or "") (see the post of Lawrence Liu), the arrival of Office 2007 Server line with the melting of two products and other new products, a small summarization grow on. This post resumes the different guidelines already prescribed by a lot of posters and try to summarize the different technologies.

Products summarization

Acronym Name Year Comments OS Access to site
STS Sharepoint Team Services 2001 Allow creation of collaborative team sites with document libraries, announces, tasks... This first product based on ASP, SQL Server and a NTFS storage for documents is the parent of WSS. Windows 2000, XP Link
SPS 2001 Sharepoint Portal Server 2001 2001 Division Portal, this 1st version is based on ADP with a storage system on Web Storage System (Exchange engine) and documents portal oriented. Windows 2000 Server Link
CMS 2001 Content Management Server 2001 2001 Product based on ASP and SQL Server allowing the quickening of intranet web sites development with content management functionalities. Windows 2000 Server Link
CMS 2002 Content Management Server 2002 2002 Product based on ASP .NET and SQL Server 2000 allowing the quickening of intranet web sites development with content management functionalities. Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server Link
WSS Windows Sharepoint Services 2003 Evolution of STS, this service of Windows 2003 Server takes over a part of SPS 2001 functionalities to offer a collaborative sites and document management based on ASP .NET, SQL Server 2000/2005. Windows 2003 Server Link
SPS 2003 Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 2003 Intranet corporate portal, this application is built on top of WSS to aggregate a Sharepoint sites and offer portal functionalities such as news, sites directory, profiling with audiency, Single Sign On... Windows 2003 Server Link
WSS v3 Windows Sharepoint Services v3 2006 Last version of collaborative team sites, this product which will be released at the end of year keep the same philosophy than WSS and improve functionalities. Windows 2003 Server, Vista Server Link
MOSS 2007 Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 2006 This solution of Intranet and Internet portal is the merging of SPS 2003 and Content Management Server 2002 and refer to WSS v3. It offers a lot of new fucntionalities such as Excel Services, Infopath Server, Business Data Catalog, Key Performance Indicator... Windows 2003 Server, Vista Server Link

Small rule

For all new post in newsgroups, thank you to prefix your title with [STS], [SPS 2001], [WSS], [SPS 2003], [WSS v3], [MOSS 2007]. There are several objectives :

  • Avoid confusion and useless questions/li>
  • Allow a later access more efficient via a seach engine

Newsgroups summarization (only english and french)

Name Language Comments Access in web mode
microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver english related to SPS (2001 et 2003) Link
microsoft.public.sharepoint.windowsservices english related to WSS Link
microsoft.public.sharepoint.general english new - related to general aspects of Sharepoint technologies Link
microsoft.public.sharepoint.design_and_customization english new - related to the notions of design and customization of Sharepoint technologies Link
microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming english new - related to development on Sharepoint technologies Link
microsoft.public.sharepoint.setup_and_administration english new - related to installation and administration of Sharepoint technologies Link
microsoft.public.cmserver.general english related to Content Management Server Link french related to all Sharepoint technologies Link french related to Content Management Server (no post) Link

Posted: mardi 20 juin 2006 00:34 par pierre
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